Welcome to the Bar des Choufs

It was for the Bar des Choufs, after 2 1/2 years of existence, to get up to date and evolve to new techniques. We have set up a new “chat” (the Bar) to perpetuate the tradition of the former BDC and a new forum that will allow us new exchanges and we wish, the construction of various chronicles.

For newcomers, we strongly advise you to consult the Terms of Use (GCU) before registering. They are at the Bidellerie, in the starboard gangway.

We also make them aware that as members, they will have access to additional services that are not otherwise searchable.

To all, we remind you that this site can not live without the active participation of its members. Never hesitate to publish your images in the appropriate sections, to post widely on the forum, to comment, to spend a drink at the bar (should you say that, hum?), And to ask for help webmasters if you do not understand something or if you need a hand. Go through the vaguemestre, which lodges in the starboard gangway.

This site is yours, that of all the old sailors of the Royal happy to perpetuate the traditions of our dear Marine.

Welcome aboard !

La Fouine and La Godille, webmasters.

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