From the 50s to the 90s, a whole series of warships crisscrossed the seas of the world. Find here some of these floating legends so dear to our hearts of old choufs.

Tank Landing Buildings

The Tank Landing Buildings (BDC) are the successors of the American LSTs (Landing Ship Tank), developed by the Americans to perform amphibious operations during the Second World War.

The vocation of BDC is to be able to land directly on a beach troops and equipment.

BDCs have flat bottoms and the possibility of ballasting to adjust drafts to the profile of the beach.

11 LST were supplied by the USA to France. On the model of the LST, with some modifications notably on the castle, 5 BDC, bearing names of French watercourse, were put in service and built by the French shipyards between 1958 and 1960.

Wing Escorts

The period during which the Wing Escorts served was, after all, relatively unsteady. The long missions of surveillance or support to the SSBNs for the reconverted ASMs make that, apart from the Suez operations, there are no great feats to report. For most of the 18 escorts on duty between 1955 and 1990, it was a long series of exercises and tedious missions, such as the Alpha group in the Pacific.

Search escorts

Between 1962 and 1970, a series of 9 escort escorts was launched, designed for distant maritime missions and convoy escort. Fast and of average size, they are for the most part of them affected Overseas. The first of the series was Commander Riviere, the last was the Balny.

Oil Tankers

The use of oil tankers is a consequence of the Second World War, but also of the requirements related to the escort of convoys. These ships make it possible to dispense with a network of naval bases and favor the availability of fleets on the zone without the committed vessels having to return to the port. Some of these vessels were converted tankers equipped with light anti-aircraft armaments.

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